Overview of the New LinkedIn 2017 Profile

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In January 2017 LinkedIn introduced the biggest overhaul of the LinkedIn profile since the inception of the platform. In this post, we aim to give you a quick overview of the changes as well as direct you to posts to help you update your profile and overcome some of the limitations.

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Your Headline

With the summary’s visibility capped the headline is now more important than ever. It remains 120 characters long including spaces but be aware how the text wraps on 13″ screens or small.


While it remains the same length much of its impact is lost now a visitor has to click ‘See more’ to expand the window. Your opening statement is now crucial.


Only the first item is full expanded. The rest require you to click ‘See description’ to view in full. Once items have been opened by a visitor they will stay open. This is the first body of text your prospect will see.

Company Page Logos

They now appear on the left-hand side and if not connected to an actual page, which is quite likely for many small business or old entries, a grey box will now appear in its place.


Visibility is capped, so only the most recent items that complete the space will show at naturally.

Volunteering Experience & Causes

The allocated space allow for the three most recent entries to show but the description remains beneath a drop down.


No longer attached to an entry in your experience, your most recent two recommendations appear at the bottom of your profile fully expanded with the option to ‘See more’ below.


Now clumping together multiple sections that were once individual,  a tally is provided for the number of entries

How to use the new LinkedIn 2017 edition

Background Image

With the shape of the profile changing, you might want to consider how best to use the extra space top right.

Contact Details

Now far less visible and harder to find, they reveal the full URL for each website link. Care needs to be taken. 

Recent Activity

Only your most recent article will show, along with all your activities on LinkedIn. 

Rich Content Media

These are your videos, pictures and PDFs. Previously it allowed two items on the top line and three on each line thereafter. 

Re-ordering Sections

You can no longer reorder your LinkedIn profile by sections or change the order of entries in the Experience Section.  


Only your the top three skills now show with your most relevant endorser heading the list.


Groups you belong to and influencers you follower are now all collated together in one section at the foot of your profile.

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