LinkedIn Brings Back the Ability to Re-Order Your Experience

In the 2017 LinkedIn Updates, many of us screamed at our screens when we saw LinkedIn had removed the option to re-order the Experience section of our LinkedIn Profile. The good news is, in the June updates, this function is now back. 

It is now possible to re-order your LinkedIn Experience to feature the entry you want the most attention for.

Why is this important?

Your prospects have a limited attention span and, until you become relevant to them, they have no interest in learning about who you are and what you do. That’s not being harsh. It’s being real. Just as you wouldn’t ask each person you pass on the street for in-depth information about them (or anything), you wouldn’t on LinkedIn either. Read the full post on this.

Therefore, the order of our LinkedIn Experience is of utmost importance. We want to feature our most important role, and what we want attention for, at the top. If you’re a solo-entrepreneur, consultant or in business development, there is a real art to this. You certainly want to avoid outlining your job role and function.

How to Re-Order Your Experience

To re-order your experience, just hover your cursor over the top right hand corner just where you see a + and a pencil. When you do, an extra icon made up of four blue lines will appear. Simply hold down the cursor and drag to where you want it to go.


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